Our Tasty Travels Heads to Explore Italy’s Food and Wine Scene with #Blogville Project

The team of Our Tasty Travels is thrilled to share we are headed to Italy TWICE to bring you the best in food and drink from two very distinct regions of Northern Italy, on behalf of the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board.

The special blog trip is called #blogville and was the brainchild of Melvin from Traveldudes and Kash, Budget Traveller. Together with the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board, they teamed up to create a brand new style of blog press trip.

Rather than sending a group of bloggers off to a city to experience the same activities, we are staying in a special bloggers apartment that has been rented by the tourism board. Here each blogger is free to explore various aspects of the region that fits their own blog and audience.

As we are attending on behalf of our culinary travel blog, it’s a no brainer that I will be doing my best to scout out all the local eats while learning as much about the region’s wines I can. My blog partner Brett is also a beer connoisseur so it’s a safe bet he will be scouting out any local beers that may be available.

We will be in Bologna from May 7 through May 16 and then we return to Rimini July 8 – July 14. So far, planned day trips include:

May 10th – Parma

We will be headed to Parma and its surroundings with a focus on Giuseppe Verdi (music) and food (Parma ham and cheese).

May 15th – Modena

We are headed to the historic town of Modena and its surrounding area with a focus on the Enzo Ferrari Museum, the Maranello Ferrari Museum (MotorValley) and a visit to a balsamic vinegar producer!

To follow me on this incredible journey, look for posts here and on Our Tasty Travels as well as:

Emilia Romagna Tourism Board’s coverage:


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    Already I am enjoying your trip as I learn about a side of Italy I haven’t visited.  I forgot all about the blogger apartment.  Maybe I will have to check it out so I can explore that part of Italy for myself! :)

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