Best Bars in Brussels, Belgium: Delirium Cafe and Floris Bar

How many choices of beer does your local pub have?  Five?  Ten?  Are you lucky to have one of those specialty establishments with upwards of 100-200 types of beer?  Try over 2000 beers on for size!

Delirium Cafe in Brussels was inducted to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004 for having 2004 different beers commercially available on their menu!  While there may not be quite as many to choose from today, this bar still boasts one of the largest beer selections anywhere.  There are beers on the menu from over 75 different countries, representing every continent (except Antarctica).  Some of my favorite beers can be selected from the menu here, including a number of brews from Abbaye des Rocs, De Dolle and De Struise.

Interior of Delirium Cafe

Delirium Cafe is located in an 18th century basement on Impasse de la Fidelite, an alley off the Rue des Bouchers, the famous street of seafood restaurants located around 100 meters from the Grand Place.  The alley is also the location of the Jannneke Pis statue, the female counterpart to the world famous Mannekin Pis located on the other side of the Grand Place.  The decor within the cafe is mostly made up of breweriana, including signs, glasses, and barrels, which is rather nice.  Delirium Cafe can get extremely busy on weekend evenings, and as of my last visit, was rather smoky.

If you prefer draft beer, check out Delirium Taphouse, upstairs from the cafe.  Erik Smith of On My Feet or In My Mind recently provided more information on the Delirium Taphouse on his blog.

French Absinthe Fountain

If you more prefer spirits to beer, right across the alley from Delirium Cafe is it’s younger brother, the Floris Bar.  Floris is one giant bar with different “grottos” featuring Absinthe, Whiskey, Gin, and Pastis.  In the past, there were areas for Rum and Tequila as well.  Last time I was there, in 2008, there were over 400 different Absinthes to choose from, though their website now boasts of only “no less than 300 varieties”.  One of the best parts of the Floris Bar is the knoweldgable and friendly staff.  As most people are new to the Absinthe experience, they will walk you through your selection, and help you to properly prepare your taste of the famous libation.

Like Delirium Cafe, Floris Bar is also increasingly popular and can be extremely busy and smoky on weekends, so plan accordingly.    For more information on the whole alley, which contains both Delirium Cafe and Floris Bar, visit their Delirium Village website.

Delirium Cafe: Impasse de la Fidelite, 4A - 1000 Brussels +32/2.514.44.34  Open 7 days a week from 10AM to 4AM

Floris Bar: Impasse de la Fidelite, 12 - 1000 Brussels +32/2.514.44.34  Open 7 days a week from 8PM to 6AM

Delirium Cafe and Floris Bar

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