Best Bars in Antwerp, Belgium: Bierhuis Kulminator

Kulminator in Antwerp, Belgium

While Brussels may have the bar with the largest selection of beers in the world, there is another bar located in nearby Antwerp that is, in fact, the Mecca for beer lovers everywhere.  This bar is Antwerp’s famed Bierhuis Kulminator.  While only boasting around 600 different beers at any given time, it is the quality [...]

Ter Dolen Kasteelbrouwerij: Castle and Brewery Tour in Belgium

Beer selection at Ter Dolen

One of the best parts of living close to Belgium was the vast multitude of opportunities to visit local breweries.  Especially as so many of these are located within scenic environments, such as monestaries and castles.  One such example is Kasteelbrowerij Ter Dolen in Helechteren.  Ter Dolen Castle is a 16th century castle once inhabited [...]

Best Bars in Brussels, Belgium: Delirium Cafe and Floris Bar

Delirium Cafe and Floris Bar

How many choices of beer does your local pub have?  Five?  Ten?  Are you lucky to have one of those specialty establishments with upwards of 100-200 types of beer?  Try over 2000 beers on for size! Delirium Cafe in Brussels was inducted to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004 for having 2004 different [...]

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