Photo of the Week: Silkworms in a Can from South Korea

Silkworm pupae in a can from South Korea - Beondegi

Brett’s co-worker had this can on her desk yesterday and he couldn’t resist the urge to snap a photo of it.  One of their colleagues brought this back with him from Seoul, South Korea.  They are silkworms in a can!  In Korea, they are called Beondegi.  Beondegi are a popular snack food where the silkworm pupae are boiled and seasoned.  They are most commonly found at street vendor stalls and some restaurants and bars.  The silkworms in a can, like these, are sold in markets and grocery stores and must be boiled before eating.

I didn’t see them during my brief stay in South Korea, but I’m curious if anyone else has tried them.  Are they actually any good?

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