Photo of the Week: Shrimp Boat Sushi from Aki’s Sushi in Long Beach, California

One of my favorite things from my old sushi joint in Long Beach is the shrimp boat nigiri.  It is basically shrimp (ebi) sushi topped with masago, rooster sauce, finely chopped green onion, sesame seeds, and a quail egg.  Not sure if that is the official name, but that is what Aki has called it over the years. On my trip back to the United States in September, I finally got to stop in to see everyone and enjoy some of the best sushi ever.  If you love sushi and visit Southern California, stop by Aki’s on Redondo and 7th in Long Beach to visit an amazing neighborhood locals’ joint.  Even though I haven’t lived in Long Beach since 2004, I can go back and it’s almost like I never left — the same regulars and still the best sushi I’ve had.

Shrimp boat sushi from Aki's Sushi in Long Beach, California

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