Belgian Food: The Brasserie Le Paon in Brussels, Belgium

If you are looking for a restaurant near Brussels’ Grand Palace, Le Paon “The Peacock” is definitely one to check out.  While outdoor tables are certainly at a premium during warmer months (and you don’t dare sit outside in the freezing winter months), Le Paon is a good spot as the upstairs tables directly overlook the Grand Palace.

View from 2nd floor of Le Paon


Although they are primarily geared for large groups (like 20 – 145), it is a great spot for just a table for two.  We ended up there after wandering all over trying to find somewhere to grab a bite on our way out of Brussels right around Christmastime.  Brussels was packed with Christmas Market shoppers, restaurants were booked to capacity, and we had a two hour drive ahead of us.

The Brasserie Le Paon

We managed to snag a table at Le Paon as someone was just finishing and we were rewarded with a window table that looked out right to the Town Hall.  The restaurant is located in a 17th century house so don’t expect a roomy booth, but the historic ambiance is completely worth it.  From the narrow stairways, to the wood creaking with every step you take, it just feels historic. definitely check out the inside even if you take an outdoor table.

Interior of Le Paon Brasserie

Fortunately, they feature Belgian specialties as the one thing I had not tried up to that point was “Mussels in Brussels”.  I had tried beer, chocolate, fries, waffles — but no mussels!

Mussels in Brussels! In Primus Beer €18.10

Beef Stew made with Tongerlo Beer €13.80

Le Paon features a number of Belgian beers, both draft and bottled.  We tried the Tongerlo Double Brown 6, a red brown beer with a slightly roasted aftertaste.

Tongerlo Double Brown 6 Beer

If you are visiting at nighttime when they are lighting the Town Hall, it’s the perfect spot to watch the lighting.

The Christmas Tree and initial lighting at the Grand Palace

Another view of the lights and Town Hall

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the food scene in Belgium — what are your recommendations for must try places in Brussels?

The Brasserie Le Paon

  • 35 Grand Palace, Grote Markt
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Website: Le Paon
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