Dining at One of the World’s Best Restaurants: Two Michelin-Starred Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan

Bread of the Forest Narisawa Japan

Last year, S. Pellegrino released their “50 Best Restaurants in Asia,” a spin off of the regular World’s 50 Best list. Narisawa in Tokyo, Japan, topped the 2013 list — and Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa has been awarded two Michelin stars on top of it. Everything I read indicated it was nearly impossible to get a […]

Kua ‘Aina Sandwich Shop and Kona Beer – Dinner in…Tokyo!

BLT & Avocado from Kua 'Aina

For a casual but delicious dining option at Tokyo Disney Resort, check out Kua ‘Aina Sandwich of Hawaii at the Ikspiari entertainment complex. Check out their great selection of burgers and sandwiches, and try a beer from Kona Brewing Company.

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