Taiwanese Cuisine – Local Take-out from Gueishan – North Rice

While it may seem that we are often eating gourmet meals, sometimes, we just want something simple from one of the many local establishments that cover the Taipei area.  It’s even better when I can manage to pick dinner up on the way from work, saving us both the trouble of cooking or running out after I get home.

Back in July, some colleagues invited me to join them for lunch at one of the local eateries I had driven past almost every day for the previous two years but had never gave a second look to.  The name of the restaurant is Bei Fun, or North Rice.  Turns out, this is one of their favorites, and after that lunch, I understood why!  Showing a little foresight, I even grabbed a copy of the order sheets and marked down my favorite dishes from that lunch so I’d know what to order if I ever returned.

A few days later, Erin and I were discussing what to do for dinner, and I suggested I bring home some takeout from this restaurant.  Turns out, almost every dish turned out awesome even as take-out, despite needing to undergo the 45 minute drive home after preparation.  One dish, the spicy wontons, didn’t travel too well so it fell off the take-out rotation.

As Erin is still back in the US and I’m out of thawed options in the fridge, I decided to pick up some dishes for tonight (and leftovers for at least tomorrow as well!)

The Total Meal

The Total Meal

Here’s a brief overview of the offerings I brought home (total bill, NT$340, a little more than US $11.  Not bad for two nights’ dinners!)

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