A Visit to Waterstone Winery’s Tasting Room at the Taste of Oxbow in Downtown Napa, California


During one of my many visits to the Napa Valley, Brett and I accidentally stumbled upon Waterstone Wines while at the Taste of Oxbow Center in Downtown Napa.  We had finished a delightful lunch at the new Taylor’s Refresher and were stopping in at Gustavo Thrace across the street when I spotted a sign for Mahoney’s tasting room, whose wines I’ve tried several […]

Calistoga Wineries: Vincent Arroyo Wines

Vincent Arroyo at Barrel Sampling Party in 2008

I stumbled upon Arroyo winery many years ago after an article appeared in Southwest magazine on the top 5 lesser known vineyards to hit in the Napa region. Although the magazine article brought a lot headache due to a huge increase in visitors for a short while, some loyal wine lovers were created as well. […]

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