Photo of the Week: Garlic Bulbs at Market in Cesena, Italy

It’s been nearly a month since I was last in Italy for the final part of the BlogVille project with Emilia Romagna Tourism and I am still missing everything about the region…especially the food. I am excited I will be back in Bologna and the surrounding area this winter when my parents come to visit (my Mom’s first time out of the US!) and I am dying to hit the markets — we are driving so I already have plans to dedicate a portion of the small trunk space to bringing fresh produce, meats, and cheeses back with us.

During one of our BlogVille field trips, we visited the city of Cesena, which had a festival going on at the time. One of the streets we ran down (literally, as we were late getting on the road to the big food festival, Festa Artusiana, in the neighboring city of Forli) I spotted several stalls that had the biggest selection of garlic bulbs I’ve ever seen outside of the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, CA. There were some bunches dried and then endless mounds of fresh bulbs.

Garlic is one of my favorite ingredients so I wish I could’ve bought a few and brought back, but I am guessing my roomie might’ve banished me to the balcony!

Garlic bulbs for sale in Cesena, Italy #ourtastytravels #blogville

Garlic bulbs for sale in Cesena, Italy

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    We loved it when we were in Italy in April/May. It was our first time but we felt like we knew it really well just because you see it so much in photos and on TV. We were really pleased the food lived up to all the hype! :)

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      Totally know what you mean! I was never a huge Italian food fan until going back to Italy the second time though. I think I ended up in typical high-priced tourist type spots my first trip, and after spending nearly a month in Emilia Romagna recently, I CRAVE it….nearly as much as Taiwanese food. LOL 

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