Photo of the Week: Tagliatelle Pasta in Bologna, Italy

Without a doubt, one of the “must try” specialties of the Bologna region is traditional Tagliatelle pasta with Bolognese sauce. I have a much deeper respect for fresh pasta making and the skill that goes into creating something that looks so simple after visiting Bologna and taking a pasta making course. Tagliatelle are 7-8mm wide and the key to purchasing this pasta is the nest. After preparation, Tagliatelle should be stored in a fresh environment and made into “nests” which allow the air to go through them.

On the market street in Bologna, countless stores offer fresh Tagliatelle, making it super easy to bring home and boil if you have an apartment or a hotel with cooking facilities available.

Fresh Tagliatelle pasta available in markets in Bologna, Italy

The team of Our Tasty Travels is in Bologna, Italy as part of a special blogging project, BlogVille, which is sponsored by the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board and TravelDudes. While we are being hosted, all views and opinions expressed are our own.

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    Honestly, until this trip and getting to really understand good authentic Italian cuisine, I could’ve lived with not eating pasta again and now, OMG, I can’t live without it! :)

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