Photo of the Week: Pecorino Cheese from Emilia Romagna, Italy

One of the foodie highlights of this past week was a trip to a boutique cheese producer in the Province of Rimini, Italy. We drove to the Montefiore Conca area in the hinterlands to visit this sheep cheese farm and sample some of their incredible creations. We tried a variety of cheeses, all of which I wanted to bring home! They were absolutely incredible — everything from ricotta to moldy herb crusted varieties.

This photo was taken from their cheese refrigeration area, which was impressive. I left there wanting to buy a home in the hills of Rimini and have my own sheep farm / cheese production facilities!

Wheels of Pecorino cheese in Italy #ourtastytravels #blogville

Wheels of pecorino cheese in Italy



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    • says too! :) Wait til you see all the cheeses they produce – I will be writing up a post on their entire line we sampled. OMG…I wanted to take a giant wheel of each home with me. I actually plan to come back (in a car with a big ice chest) to bring some back to the Netherlands since we are fairly close (about 12 hour drive) now. 

  1. Lele @emabigu says

    Congratulations! You did a good job. You told very well the traditions of our area Romagna! go go go
    ps. Mercatino Conca, not Conda….

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